In this post will we be covering different apps that pay out different kinds of coins and tokens. I would recommend you to use Atomic Wallet for this since they support almost all of them if not all of them.

These apps pay all from Bitcoin to Staking coins and ETH tokens and why i suggested Atomic wallet for this since you both can use it on phone and desktop.

We recommend you to read this from your phone so you can open directly into google play store and IOS.

All links in Titles.

Free Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

Free litecoin and Free Bitcoin Cash apps by Bitcoin Alien is one of the fastest growing app faucets for both IOS and Android. They are always working on now roll faucets for android and ios like these two and i’ve seen a page of an ethereum app coming soon.

All you need to do is roll over hour and you can get more rolls from watching ads so you have a lot more chances to gain 100k sat every single hour if that you are that lucky to reach that amount every hour.

The apps payout every Tuesday to the wallet that you set when you signed up or changed in the wallet.


Phoneum is an ETH Token and team behind a lot of crypto based games and apps where you play and earn crypto or mine using their cloud miner because mining isn’t really allowed on any app store.

Cloud Earning PHT

This is well sort of the main app from the company which is their cloud earning app where you every 7 days can get an amount of PHT which is their own token that is used in their games for different tasks like quests and more, but you can always get paid out to your ETH wallet.

Phoneum Wallet

This is their own take on their own wallet for their token and ETH and is a nice design and easy to use so could be an idea for your next phone wallet for ETH if you aren’t interested in much more then their token and ETH.

Crypto Treasures

This game is the very first of all the games made by Phoneum. You dig for treasures, earn gold to buy chests to get a lot more crypto all from bitcoin to different ETH Tokens. Its a very simple and easy game and easy to reach different amount of crypto for withdrawal.

Crypto Planet

Crypto planet is a space themed game, but is kinda like their first game tho here you have multiple ways to dig for coins and more, but none of it will reward you with crypto before you go into the shop and use the earned coins from digging and doing quests on Chests that you can open up and get an amount of crypto every single time.

CO2 Game 

This game is rather special, you can earn on different ways and on the same time help save the planet in real life using the PHT that you earn and exchange 100 PHT for 100 coins that you can put forward chest. On the same time you can play mini games and grow tree’s to earn more coins to open chests and get free crypto.

Crypto Connect 3

This is a simple game where you have to connect all sort of crypto icons, the better you do the more you earn of PHT so if you are good enough to get 3 stars per game you will earn a lot of PHT.

Ethereum Connect 3

Its like the other Connect game, tho this time all ETH icons that you need to connect, if you do good enough you can earn 750 ETH sat per game that you can get paid out to your coinbase account.

This was all the apps from Phoneum, i have only included the Android links since not all the games and apps are on IOS at this moment and i would recommend you to visit to find all the IOS links.

Altcoin Fantasy

This app is a bit different but also comes as a web version on their website. This is a crypto trading game where you compete with other users on earning the most per game to win points and crypto and even Dapp items for different games out there.

The game is made to help people learn how to trade for real using real time data that is randomly taken from a timezone so its not the current data so you can’t “cheat” using the current data from the market.

Its a really enjoyable game and they do often have sponsored events that is fully free to enter that can win you a lot of nice things.

This is fully free to use and do not take any deposits to get started nor will it ever do. Its made to help you learn and win real money on the same time tho you can become gold member to unlock special things like more contests at a time instead of the normal 2 max for free accounts.

SWFT Blockchain

Even tho this app is a swap/trading platform for the mobile it still have a lot of free ways to gain crypto. The platform have a Red package system where users and SWFT blockchain is well advertising all sort of links and pay you for opening the crypto that you later can withdraw or trade directly on the platform.

I will be carefull on clicking all the links tho since some of the links are directed to scam investment sites tho a lot of them is for faucets and telegram airdrops and more on the same time so it can be a win win for you to both find new airdrops and gain free crypto.

This platform support almost 200 different crypto coins and tokens already on swap and also a ton on normal margin trading.

The End

Well we hope this post really helped you get a lot more crypto and gain more money instead of losing any. If you know some faucets or apps like these that we do not have listed anywhere on the site please leave a comment below this post with your link and we will look into them and perhaps make a post on them.

This blog is as always free to use and is dedicated to help people earn instead of losing money so if you think we have done a great deal please feel free to give a small donation using the donate page where we have linked all our wallets.


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