You might be familiar with this app already, but if not then you should keep on reading and learn about this amazing app and token project called Aircoin. Aircoin is on both IOS and Android so everyone can join in on the fun.

Aircoins is mainly like Pokemon Go but with the difference that you go on hunt for Crypto in form of tokens and coins that you on a later stage can withdraw from the app to your wallets that support these tokens and coins.

Aircoins use augmented reality to make this crypto hunt happen where you with a map can locate where the coins and tokens are and using your camara to show the coins when you are close enough and can “catch” the coin and get added to you wallet.

The app is build for brand marketing and in that form the coins you collect or other brands collectibles to get free stuff is a way to reward the user with something free while learning about this company. That alone is also part in why there is a limited supply of every coin and token depending on how many of them have been donated forward to be spread on a global scale for everyone to hunt.

There do happen to be made new deposits of coins already in the game because the coin or company is extending its use on the platform.

What coins are suppoted?

To be fair its fairly hard to say how many and what coins are supported, but i can say that is all from old to new coins and tokens that is spread out all over the world waiting to be collected and that goes for coins like RPD, Dash, Aircoins, BNB, PAC and so on that all can be collected, some more rare then others.

About Aircoin

Aircoins team is a big one with 15 in it including CEO and all that, the token is also listed on 3 different exchanges which is coincodex, eterbase and altilly. The project is well supported from both community and bigger coins like dash and have a great future.










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