We love to look into new things here at Secryptzia no matter what makes a place unique compared to a lot of places. Today we will look into the exchange Graviex and what makes it different from most exchanges out there.

Not only having almost $80,000 daily Vol of the crypto market does Graviex support a ton of crypto coins both well known and some not so known coins so you are sure that you can find most of the coins you want to trade on there.

Graviex do also have a very fast support on all channels they have, mostly they for security have you make a ticket and you let them know after you made it and you have an answer within minutes of you making the ticket. Not many exchanges can say they have such a good and fast support.

Something Graviex do have is letting people make some faucets on site where they can give away crypto where they decide what amount and time people can claim.

Graviex is also listed on most marketcap sites like coin market cap and so forth so the trading there is well listed and taking part in the market price.

There is also a lot of liquidy with all the coins both for selling and buying orders so if you do not want to wait you can just tick the a box and click the best price and press sell right after and it fill that order with your amount of coins to that price.

Graviex also allow you to make a trading bot on site where you can set the rules of the bot to trade by fixed price or dividend and pricing and all that things

So how many coins does Graviex support? well why not sign up with them and count that your self? For me there is too many to i want to count, but lucky for me Graviex have a search function to find all the coins they support.

You can also secure your account on Graviex in so many different ways and make it damn hard for all those hackers to get into your account and thats what i like to see with an exchange instead of those exchanges that just send you an email and say someone logged in from a new IP accross the globe instead of actually making it secure and send you an email to confirm the login.


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