So this is not really an ad network for bitcoin but more a normal ad network that can either pay you over PayPal or bank transfer if you do not use Paypal. This network is located in Turkey but supports all countries with a lot of advertising formats all ranging from different formats within Standard (banners) Interactive, Native and pop/direct ads.

ReklamStore is the name of this company that you also might have seen from the title of this post. Its a very easy ad network to sign up for. You just need to signup and add your website and after a little, your website will be approved.

There are no limits on using any of the formats so you have a load of different formats to fit your needs on your website so you can place whatever you need anywhere on your website so it also can make it look good on your website.

ReklamStore comes with a very nice look into your traffic and earnings compared to a lot of networks both in crypto-based and crypto-based and an ads.txt that will help you with earning and more to it.

ReklamStore also comes with a nice affiliate program that gives you 10% of what other publishers earn from their website, so if a website earn 20,000 USD you make 2,000 on top of what you make your self.


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